Holy Spirit, Is That You?

I recently signed up for a bible study that I had been resisting for over a decade. I always had the perfect excuse, I have a tennis lesson on Thursday mornings. I am not big on schedule change up’s and not to mention a lesson with Ashley Rhoney at City Club is a highly sought-after spot.


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This year, the opportunity circled around again for me to join this bible study and it was through different people that had asked me previously. The short story is my gal friend Jennifer was selling some of her daughters beloved Well-Dressed Wolf dresses and I went to her office to take them off of her hands. Jennifer’s mom, Mary Lynn, was there and we got to talking about life.

I told Jennifer and Mary Lynn of my experience with the Baptiste Institute’s Level 1. Mrs. Mary implied that the work I had already done was similar to what she just experienced at bible study. She quickly offered I should join the bible study. At the time I had no clue this was the same bible study that I had been offered in previous years. Mrs. Mary gave the bible study leader my number and the ball was in my court.

I told Ashley, my tennis coach, that I was suspending my lesson until January. And certainly, I was not giving up my spot. The Lord works in mysterious ways because tennis lesson availability went from from no other available lesson times available to one opening up on Wednesday’s. I got a “W” as we say on the court. A Win!

The bible study started one fall Thursday morning and there we began to unpack all the things. We journeyed through my old wounds, unmet core longings from childhood, fixed perceptions that are untruths, and began to work on who the Holy Spirit is in my life.

It’s there that the journaling began, and the Holy Spirit was clear on who he/she was in my life. And only when I invite the Holy Spirit to be active is he/she active. I'm not suggesting the Holy Spirt isn't there for me or watching out for me and there was something different when I was intentional about my conversation with the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit

So, there it was a test of my listening to the Holy Spirit on the way home from my mom’s house. And opportunity to be an extension of Christ. While driving home, I saw a woman walking on the side of road walking with 4 children. They were dressed in nice clothing and still the woman was holding her shoes in her hand while pulling an umbrella stroller with a small child in tow. Just the sight of them struck and puzzled me as I drive on this road multiple times a day and I had never seen them before. I wondered where they came from, did they need help, and what were the circumstances.

I dropped my husband off at home and was headed back to my mom’s house. I saw the family again and the same thoughts went through my mind. I continued to drive past them and then I heard the voice, “go pick them up.” The only way to describe it is it's a voice that isn’t generated by my own doing. Different from intuition or mindfulness. I told the voice, “no, I am scared.” I didn’t have my phone and I was by myself and all the “what if’s” flooded my mind. What if they take over my car, what if they are evil, what if, what if, what if…. And the voice was persistent, “go pick them up.” I resisted again. The voice said, “you will be fine, go pick them up.”

Nervously, I turned the car around in a nearby driveway and with my heart racing I pulled up next to them and asked the woman if they needed a ride. The woman quickly accepted and loaded her 4 children in my SUV. When she got in my SUV she asked, “why did you pick us up?” I responded, “because the Holy Spirit told me to.” Both of our eyes teared and she told me she was on the way to church with her children and got a flat tire and had no option but to walk home. She and I locked eyes and it was a vison into her gentle soul.

I felt full of life and quite frankly exuberant. I dropped her and her children off at their house. No names exchanged. Just a meeting of two human beings showing up for each other.

This experience has caused me to reflect on all the things. I certainly would have not had the blessings of listening to the Holy Spirit and seeing another soul in such a profound way. And what is possible if I see people the way God sees them. We, humans, are made in His likeness and we are each His most precious child.

Holy Spirit, is that you? Please show me the way.

1 John 3:1 ~ See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God? And that’s what we are!

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