Apple French Fries

I am “that” mom. The granola type who made all her baby’s food. Who believes that processed foods and food dyes are the devil in disguise. I wouldn’t consume those foods so why would I promote products that I believe are harmful to my body to my own child? Or, at least that’s my stand on the topic.

I also recognize that it is a luxury to consume fresh foods and to consume organic fresh foods is an over the top privilege. And, why is that so? It is incredibly frustrating that families must choose between feeding their bodies well and other necessities in life.

Apple French Fries

I did a little research to prove or disprove my frustration. Here is what I found. A 2lb container of cheese puffs sells for $6.50 and to my surprise 3b bag of Disney Organic Gala Apples are $5.89 at Costco. Anyone want to guess how many chemicals are in the cheese puffs? Let’s go with over 10 and the apples offer a pound more food. Well, we don’t eat the apple’s core so maybe it’s a wash.

The price is a HUGE factor in availability and at the same time, it’s a matter of smart shopping. I saved $40 at Wholefoods yesterday. Yes, with Wholefoods Prime through Amazon. The other issue is time and effort. To open the cheese puff container is a lot less involved than taking out the cutting board, washing the apple, taking out the knife, cutting the apple and serving it. I get it, and the apple turns brown quick. In my house a brown apple of any shade is old and not consumable. Of course, I eat it. However, my little one won’t.

Apple French Fries

When she was little, I created what is known as apple French fries. And, I have since learned that if the orange and carrots look like a spider, they are consumed without question. However, in regular form, no fun. So why not, apple French fries with a side dip of a nut butter? This is a NEW find from Guidry Farms. Pecan Butter... seriously delicious. Check them out here and order you some today!

Food is a task there is no denying the effort that goes into making healthy choices. It’s time, effort, thought, consideration and I wonder, is there anything more priceless than our health? And, where would be without it?

And finally, for any chopping, get a great knife. It's like having a bad brush to paint. Don't cut with a bad knife.

Ever since my friend George at Acadiana Table introduced me to Global Knives, I have been hooked. I have purchased several knife sets from Amazon and you can too. Check out the link to my Amazon Affiliate site: Purchase Knifes Here.

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