Get Clean in 2018!

New Year, New You, Boo!


The beautiful thing about being human is we get to begin again and again. I have restarted and recreated so many times in my life it’s hard to count. It’s even interesting to me how many times I have declared one thing and the very next year I had an opposite declaration.

The Decades

I told my friend, Laura, that at the turn of every decade it seems there is a huge shift in my vision. When I was at the end of my twenties I faced questions like: is this the summation of my life? Is this it? Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing? Is this where things stabilize? There was a lot of anxiety around this time in my life and like all things it passed. However, not until I recognized and accepted that I am enough just as I am. And, that was a hard one as I faced, should I be more or doing more?

My thirties were about proving myself. I put my dreams aside so my husband could actualize his dreams. I felt suppressed and at the same time his hard work provided us security. And since that’s the number 1 thing I need from a partner, that worked for me for awhile. That is until my desires started bubbling up as I headed toward my forties.

Here I am at 41 and the flood gates are opening. I’ve been trying to create a job for myself for almost 2 decades. It’s nearly impossible for me to have a job outside of our industry and in our company. It’s my husband’s baby and he has earned my staying out of it.

Find What You Love and Make a Career Out of It

I recall a lady when I worked as a bartender at Café Vermilionville telling me, “find what you would do for free and make a career out of it.” At the time, it sounded like a long way away. Especially since I was in college studying for a degree that I had no passion for. You might ask, then why did you take on an area of study you had no passion? That’s simple. My mom said I was good at it. And I was good at it but Interior Design wasn’t where my heartstrings were pulled.

My heartstrings are set on fire in helping others maximize their potential in health and wellness. I firmly believe we have a choice in how we treat our bodies in reguard to nutrition, exercise and all things health and wellness. I have witnessed people heal themselves with their food and exercise choices and heck, I healed myself. No medicines just good clean living. Lives transformed by human will. That’s magical.


Do you know what else is magical? I am teaming up with Oui Power Yoga to bring you a healthy living plan to kick off 2018. I have been asked:

  • What do I eat?

  • What are my exercise choices?

  • How do I make it look easy?

  • How do I have the time?

Do you wanna know?

Oui Power Yoga

Sign up today!

The New Year, New You, Boo challenge is on NOW!

The yoga component is 25 yoga classes in 30 days. Sign up on Mindbody or at Oui Power Yoga. Available pricing is listed and if you are new to Oui, the $30 for 30 days is the deal of the challenge.

The healthy living component offers:

  • Weekly Meeting with Healthy Living Leaders, Alison and Alyson, on Wednesday’s at 5pm throughout January. Approved snacks are provided.

  • Healthy Living Guidelines for Daily Success (includes meal plan guidelines)

  • FB Support Group with fellow challenge participants

  • Weekly Recipes

  • Meal Planning Ideas

  • Lafayette Restaurant guide for healthy choices on the go

  • Potluck Dinner at the completion of the challenge

The cost is $40 for Oui members, $50 for non-members and $75 for non-yogi’s. If you are looking for a support group and tips and tools to get clean in 2018, this is for YOU!

The grand prize winner will receive their choice of: a kombucha lesson and starter scoby, a cooking demonstration, or a meal delivered. There will be other great prizes too!

New Year, New Year, Boo! Create something great in 2018!

See you at the studio!

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