Be a Yes, Give Up What You Must, and Come From I am Ready Now

I participated in Baptiste Level 1 Teacher Training in early November. There is so much I could say about the experience; however, I am only offering that the experience made me come from I am ready now. I am ready to teach yoga now!

Being immersed in Baptiste Methodology, I quickly recognized that Baptiste Yoga was much like my experience in the Catholic Church. The more I learned about it the more I loved it. Furthermore, I recognized that there are many misconceptions about the practice. This experience further confirmed that this is the yoga practice for me.

Our studio owner, Alyson at Oui Power Yoga in Lafayette, LA, asked me before I left for Sedona what dates and I times I was available to lead practice. She was serious. No sooner did I arrive home and Thanksgiving pass I was on the schedule November 30th at noon.

In the days before, I combed the sequences over and over in my head. I literally awoken in my sleep studying True North Alignment. If there is a possibility I practiced while sleeping, this would have happened that week. My nerves were flaring and yet I hid my nervousness under the mask of confidence. Oh, the irony. I am about the teach yoga for goodness sake.

Why can’t I be more yogi-ish and chill? Do yogi’s really chill? HA!

I want to do a great job leading and serve my students knowing full well if I just show them my heart, they will feel my passion and love the practice. This is easier said than done but I can do it.

I woke up at 4am the morning before I was scheduled to lead. Yes, 4am and went through all of the sequences. All 50+ poses and 11 sequences in Journey into Power while lying down in bed. Every inhalation, exhalation, transition, adjustment, and pose. There is no doubt that I know Journey into Power on the card but would I be able to translate it to someone else’s body?

I arrived early at the studio to set up for class and I was shaking inside. While I know that’s silly, I was nervously excited. In the past, I would have willed my nerves away but I decided to be with my nervous excitement and let it help me to shine.

What a Wonderful World

My first student, Kimberly, walked in and we greeted one another with smiles. Kimberly offered me a gift as a good luck or congratulations token for teaching my first class. Before I could open the gift, Kimberly tells me it’s a Christmas ornament of the globe that commemorates the 50th anniversary of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.” I looked at her in wonder as I start to tear up. “What a Wonderful World” was my late grandmother’s favorite song. I recall playing it in mass after I read her eulogy.

What are the chances? Or was it a divine gift from my grandmother with a message of you can do this? I went on to lead a very successful Journey into Power flow. Was it free of errors? Of course not but what is? That’s when I came up with this phrase: Space for Grace.

What do we have to give up to find space for grace? Is it perfectionism? I wanted to deliver a perfect Journey into Power flow to my students and instead the room experienced space for grace. I am "Perfectly Imperfect" as Baron Baptiste’s book suggests and that imperfection made the class even better offering a feeling of human connection.

Sharing is Caring 

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