Sunny Side Up Toast

Sunny Side Up Egg on Gluten Free Toast

Happy Toasty Tennis Tuesday! This morning we are evaluating eggs in our household. Are eggs the 1 food that can take on so may preparations without needing any other ingredient? I wonder. There is raw, soft boiled, semi-soft boiled, boiled, fried, sunny-side up, over-easy and scrambled. Did I miss one?

My husband does not like a solid or semi-solid yolk at all. It’s kind of nerve racking to get the yolk just right for him. I know I missed the timing if I see solid yolk pieces on the side of his plate. While he does not complain, I still want to get it right for him. I admit, a runny yolk is my favorite too and with toast it’s the best.

Today’s Toasty Tennis Tuesday is made simple with a toasted slice of GF bread, Kite Hill’s almond milk cream cheese spread, chopped spinach and a sunny side up egg. It’s hard to mess this one up. Make up your favorite egg and give this toast a try.

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