Sweet Potato Protein Smoothie

Sweet Potato Protein Smoothie

Do you have those days when it’s just easier to drink your meal than to sit down and chew? I have those days a lot. Not to mention, on most days, I would just rather have a smoothie or smoothie bowl. This option gives your digestion system a break. It does not need to gear up its efforts to break down the food. The blender did the work. There are fruit and veggie smoothies out there that are great for cleansing and some are true meal replacements. When I say, meal replacement, I mean you don’t feel hungry 1-2 hours after consuming.

This smoothie qualifies for true meal replacement. It has everything you need to “eat on the run” and qualifies as a perfect option for both paleo and vegan diets.

There is a bit of pre-work in making this smoothie. You will need to have roasted sweet potatoes on hand. Preferably, already chilled when you begin to make your smoothie. We don’t want a hot smoothie. We call that soup. And you ask what’s the difference? Well, not much. One is hot and one is cold. We sip one through a straw and the other we eat with a spoon. However, I did just give myself and idea. Hang tight on that one.

1 ½ chilled roasted sweet potatoes (skin on)

½ chilled banana

1 cup of nondairy milk

3 cups of water

2 scoops of plant based vanilla protein powder

1 tsp of vanilla extract

1 tsp of ground cinnamon

A few cubes of ice

  1. Add all ingredients to a blender, blend on high until smooth. Top with ground cinnamon.

  2. Serve and enjoy.

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