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To have tangible items that actualize a dream becoming reality is a great feeling. I am a creative spirit. It's how my mind works. As someone is talking I am drawing pictures in my mind so that I can comprehend what they are saying. Words don't mean much to me but a picture is worth more than 1,000 words.

However; Savoring Presence remained nameless for years, it was a always on the tip of my creative spirit. Here it is! A beautiful logo, a social media and website begun, a busy kitchen and a concept taking flight.

Thank you to so many who are supporting the dream!

Sharing is Caring 

Welcome to Savoring Presence! 

Hi, I'm Alison.  I am a gluten and dairy free home chef, fit foodie and a yoga teacher. Savoring Presence is a journey simplify the relationship between food, fitness, happiness and overall wellness. Join me as I explore the best tasting healthy foods, clean products, staying active and living a balanced lifestyle. 


Eat well, live well, be well savoring the precious present. 

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