Happy Fri "YAY" Day Avocado Toast

Happy Fri “YAY” Day with Happy Avocado Toast!

There was no cooking for me yesterday. My sister and I went old school last night and went to see Janet Jackson at the Cajundome. Yes, to anyone who isn’t familiar, there is such a place, HA! Let’s just say, Ms. Jackson has it going on. She looked amazing rocking the stage and danced just as I saw her in New Orleans years ago. I admit dancing along and now waking up this morning to a bit of soreness in muscles I forgot I had.

Wishing you a happy, smiley Fri “YAY’ Day!

Happy Avocado Toast

Toast bread lightly. Add jalapeno cream cheese, sliced avocado, sliced radishes for something spicy and raisins for something sweet. Avocado toast is so easy to make, filling and delicious.

What are some of your favorite toppings?

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