Cajun Navy Smoothie Bowl

I am inspired to bring awareness to a group of Louisiana people affectionately known as the Cajun Navy. These individuals are our neighbors, friends, and family who drop everything to head out in their own small boats to disaster areas to rescue people from flood waters. When I saw that the Cajun Navy was heading to Houston I was filled with pride to be from an area where love is the language that serves.

Being from South Louisiana I have witnessed and lived through many hurricanes. I have seen the devastation of some of my friends’ homes being gutted to the studs and losing everything. It’s a feeling of helplessness and wanting to help. As we pray for those in flooded areas, please keep those who rescue in your prayers as well. God bless Houston and the people of the Cajun Navy.

Cajun Navy Smoothie Bowl consists of a frozen banana, ½ cup of frozen blueberries, ½ of nondairy milk, 1 scoop of chocolate plant based protein, and 2 tbs of collagen. It is topped with shredded coconut, hemp hearts and a blueberry J

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