Eclipse Smoothie Bowl

I was undecided if I were going to look up at the eclipse today with all of the warnings going around about protecting our eyes. Curiosity got the best of me in the Whole Foods Market parking lot. I stepped out of my car grabbed by approved glasses and I peeked.

I thought, what I sight I must be. The t-shirt I have on today says, “I work out to burn off the crazy” and here I am with 3D looking glasses about to check out the sun. I must need to work out more, ha!

In other news, I was at Costco the other day and a stack of beautiful mangos said, “take me home.” We’ve seen them, 10 for $1 around this time of year. What on earth, ha, would I do with 10 mangos? I have 3 ideas and today I’m going to give you one.

Remember those smoothie bowls from the other day? Let’s swap the acai for mango. This bowl is frozen banana and mango with ½ cup of nondairy milk and toppings.

My Eclipse Smoothie Bowl resembles what I saw at 1:25pm in Lafayette, LA.

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