Berry Beautiful Sunday!

It’s a Berry Beautiful “Sun”day!

Well that’s a bit corny but the inspiration for this post is berry serious business. How many times have you gotten berries home from the grocery store to have them growing mold in just a few days? I have and it’s frustrating. These delicious sweet bites are expensive and don’t last long.

We also have this issue in my house. If it’s in the container from the store that somehow makes the berries inedible. However, if they are washed, destemmed and in a pretty bowl, they are gone in a day. How many of you have this going on in your house too?

Here are my tips for keeping berries fresh:

  1. They really don’t stay fresh very long. A week is really all you can expect so don’t buy more than your family can eat in that amount of time.

  2. You want to buy firm fruit. When selecting a container to take home flip it over and see if there is any moisture in the container. If there is, that is not a good sign for longevity as the fruit has already begun to soften. And remember, moisture is a berry’s enemy.

  3. When you get home, prep the fruit. Wash and completely dry the berries and store them in glass containers lined in a paper towel. I use clear glass containers with clear snap on lids. Goodness knows, if they can’t see it, they won’t eat it.

  4. If the berries start looking a bit tired individually freeze them (laying them out on a baking pan in the freezer) and use them for smoothies. This will prevent you from tossing berries in the trash ever again.

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