Acai Berry Bowl 101

I was first introduced to Acai Berry Bowls by a friend in Destin, FL. This treat was heaven in a bowl as I once loved ice cream so much I ate it with a fork not giving it a second to melt. Yes, I sure did. I “raked” the cookies out of the cookies and cream ice cream and could polish off a gallon of Neapolitan any given week.

Those dairy days have long past, so when this dreamy ice creamed consistency treat came my way I was instantly hooked. I returned to Louisiana raving to my friends about all they had been missing in their lives and this was new to them too. Great, I wasn’t alone but was on the search. Did anyone in big Lafayette, LA make Acai Berry Bowls? At the time, the answer was no. Thankfully, since our little town was finally blessed with a Whole Foods Market, I had hope to at least acquire the ingredients.

I’ve done a good bit of Acai Berry Bowl research and learned while I wasn’t the last to know, I was pretty close. Have you seen the bowls on Instagram? Their bowls are beautiful edible art pieces.

Just for today, I’m sticking to the basics of what made me head of heels for this little bowl of heaven. I hope this inspires you to dive into this healthy ice creamy dessert yourself and give it a try.

This is what I learned from my research of the Basic Acai Berry Bowl:

1 pack of Sambazon Frozen Acai Puree

1 Frozen Banana

1/4 to 1/2 cup of Non Dairy Milk Good Karma Foods

Toppings – Granola, Coconut, Hemp Seeds, Fresh Fruit

In a high powered blender, combine frozen acai, banana and ¼ cup of milk. The key is to determine how much liquid you need. Don’t put too much or you will have a smoothie on your hands. Top with the toppings of your choice and enjoy!

You can even watch this video on how to prepare these at home. So easy Lafayette!

Just 1 tip… must have a good blender. My Nutra Bullet did not work well…

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