Alison and Helena 2017


Greetings and Welcome to Savoring Presence, 


I am a foodie focused on healthy living and wellness.  This journey began out of necessity to freely live without constant concern for being sick.   If you have ever heard me order at a restaurant you have gotten a good giggle at my requests or suggested I go help in the kitchen. 

My passion for wellness has been ever rising over the last 16 years as I began to see major improvements in my health with the omission of gluten and dairy.  I believe that clean eating is a significant player into to the health and wellness of my family. Food is my love language. Most everything I prepare is from scratch and I have my own vegetable and herb garden. It's my thing. It's what I would do for free because I just love it. 

I was raised in the heart of Cajun county in Lafayette, Louisiana being surrounded by traditionally prepared Cajun dishes.   You can imagine the disappointment in figuring out that the dishes I loved were the the very ones making me sick.   On the sunny side, I was on a quest to figure out how to prepare the food I loved in a way I could consume.  From Gumbo to Red Beans all the way to king cakes, I have taught myself how to prepare these family favorites that we Cajun folks know and love.  


Secondly, when our sweet Helena was born it was quickly evident that she was having trouble digesting dairy products. Watching her struggle super charged me to take her nutrition in my hands to heal her with the best I could provide. Helena never ate prepackaged baby food or baby food products and has maintained a dairy free diet. Helena is thriving with no digestive or skin issues anymore.

My  kitchen is 100% gluten and dairy free. I am committed to organic produce and sustainable free range meat products. I appreciate Meatless Monday and and at the same time I am waiting, like the rest of my Cajun buddies, for the first cold snap that brings the first GF/DF Gumbo. 

This journey is called Savoring Presence as a reminder that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be and to savor the precious present that you are experiencing now. Savoring Presence is not exclusive to food but like I said, it's my love language. I am active on instagram @savoringpresence, on Face Book at Savoring Presence and here at this new site.   


I hope you will consider joining me and share my recipes with anyone who might benefit from being part of my kitchen. 


Happy and Clean Eating Friends,